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     The 'Westwood Volunteer Ambulance Corps' exhibit, which opened in February 2007, documents the history of the Corps, beginning with it's establishment in February 1935 as a unit of the Westwood Volunteer Fire Department (WWVFD).   After setting up the Corps, the WWVFD authorized the purchase of an amubulance for the service, and the Corps made its first emergency call in July 1935.

[WWVAC Ambulance in 1947]
1947 - Westwood Volunteer Ambulance Corps' ambulance

     The Corps continued as a unit of the WWVFD until 1973, when it was separated from the Department.   In 1975 the Westwood Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. became incorporated as an independent organization

     Additional photographs and news reports of other periods in the history of the Corps are included in the exhibit.


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